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Many South Australians have benefit from solar on their home. The benefits listed below indicate just a few reasons why you should consider it for your home. Regardless of the reasons why, you and the planet are the winners with renewable energy.

We don’t think we’ve met a person yet that regretted installing solar – but have met plenty of people who regret not getting it sooner!

Our on-site visits allow us to assess your property for the most suitable system, consider and overcome issues if they exist, and discuss with you what you want the system to achieve for you.


Here are some of our most popular solar packages for your home.

Our panel of choice is the Jinko Mono Perc – all our staff have them installed at their own homes with either the Fronius or Goodwe Inverters!

Standard Package : 6.6kW Solar System

  • 18 x Tier 1, 370W Mono solar panels
  • Roof Rails & Mounting
  • Electrical kit & Components
  • Goodwe Inverter with wifi monitoring and 10-year warranty
  • Fully Installed by CEC Accredited Installer

Prices Start from $4,200

Premium Package : 6.6kW Solar System

  • 18 x Tier 1, 370W Mono solar panels
  • Roof Rails & Mounting
  • Electrical kit & Components
  • Fronius Inverter with Wifi monitoring and 10 year warranty
  • Fully Installed by CEC Accredited Installer

Prices Start from $5,700

Standard Package XL : 13.2kW Solar System with Export Limiting

  • 36 x Tier 1, 370W Mono solar panels
  • Roof Rails & Mounting
  • Electrical kit & Components
  • 1 x Goodwe 10kW Inverter with wifi monitoring and 10-warranty
  • 1 x Goodwe Smart Meter for export limiting & full system monitoring
  • Fully Instlled by CEC Accredited Installer

Prices Start from $7,400

We offer a full range of soar packages to suit all sizes, budgets, and hardware preferences – call us today for your tailored energy solution.

Just a few of the benefits of solar:

  • Power Bills!: Reduce Bills, Remove Bills or even make money back
  • Environmental: Help save the planet and reduce fossil fuel consumption
  • Pay Back Time: The average solar system pays for itself in 3-5years
  • Investment: Increase the value of your home with a solar system

Solar Panel and Inverters guide:

Premium ULTRA

Solar Panels >

The top 30 panel brands world wide are referred to as Tier 1 products, so if you are offered any of the following solar panels, you are getting tried and tested panels from the top 2% of solar panel manufacturers. Tier 1 is a great place to start when deciding on what panel to choose – the following panel brands are all tier 1.

Q.Cells, Canadian, LG, Jinko, Trina, Longi, Sunpower, REC, Risen, Winaico, Talesun, BYD, Eging, ET, HT-SAAE, JA and Seraphim. There are reviews on our favorites further down this page.

Polycrystalline (Poly) Solar Panels >

The most popular panels, because cheaper to manufacture, are made up of 60 blue coloured cells, and are called, polycrystalline modules, or poly panels. Most manufacturers make a range of poly panels, and apart from minor differences in the frame size and quality, there really isn’t much at all to differentiate one from another.  The standard wattage of most 60 cell poly panels today is between 265-285W.

Monocrystalline (Mono) Solar Panels >

Are black in colour . Monocrystalline solar panels have high-efficiency rates and are space-efficient.  Since these solar panels yield the highest power outputs, they also require the least amount of space compared to poly panels, 60 cell Monos are physically the same size as polys, but where a 60 cell poly would be a 275W panel a 60 cell mono would be 330W up to 440W so a good option on tight roof spaces. Monocrystalline panels tend to perform better than similarly rated polycrystalline solar panels at low-light conditions.

Brands with Australian Offices >

All product warranty is directly with the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for your complete protection and peace of mind which means that is the solar company that you bought your system through goes out of business – you are still covered by warranty. We like to deal with brands that have an Australian based office and the following do: Canadian Solar, Jinko, Trina, Q.Cells, and LG.

The same applies to inverters. SMA, Fronius, Goodwe, Zeversolar and Sungrow

Solar Panel and Inverter Brands:

Learn more about Solar Panel brands >

Canadian Solar

Canadian Solar did indeed start in North America many years ago, but are entirely Chinese run. They still make a reasonably small percentage of their panels in North America, but what we get here is all out of China. Not that we care about that. Same robots, same result, no matter where it’s made – a great panel.

Jinko Solar

Jinko Solar is a Chinese company producing tier 1 panels. All the panels they currently sell in Australia are salt mist corrosion-resistant and suitable for installation in any location. They carry a 10-year product warranty that is standard for the industry and they have an Australian office that provides that gives you someone in the country you can call if you have a problem.

Overall, Jinko panels are a cost-effective combination of reliability and price.

It is very likely that Jinko Solar is the world’s largest manufacturer of solar panel manufacturers. While Trina Solar led the world in production in 2015, in 2016 Jinko appeared to take the lead and their solar panel production for 2017 was from 8.5 to 9 7 gigawatts.  That is around 8 times as much as the whole of Australia installed in that year. We love Jinko and it’s what I have on my own roof!

Trina, JA, and Seraphim 

Trina, JA, and Seraphim are also top brands and don’t make any pretense in their names to be anything other than what they are…Chinese and proud of it.

Longi Solar

Longi Solar Longi only makes mono silicon and is the world’s largest producer. They are members of the “Silicon Module Super League”;  which is the group of now 7 companies that account for around half the world’s solar panel production.

To date, most of Longi’s production has been used in China, but the firm has been expanding into overseas markets and their panels are becoming more common in Australia.

Great panel and comes in a 290W and 300W version for not much more than a regular panel.

Hanwha Q CELLS

Hanwha Q CELLS produces panels in Malaysia, China, and Korea. They used to have a production line in Germany, but they shipped the plant equipment to Malaysia in 2012. An above average product warranty with a competitive price makes Hanwha Q Cells a good choice and I have no problem at all in recommending them.


LG. We all know this South Korean giant. Great panels, great solar batteries.

The LG NeonR panels are genuinely a bit better in the heat, and a bit better in shade than regular panels and as a result we see them consistently making 3% and sometimes as much as 5% more power than other panel brands. But you certainly don’t pay the huge extra price for a few kWhs a year of power. You pay for the fact that you get 330W per panel instead of 275W and an awesome warranty, but really, the investment is in roof space. You only need 18 of these panels for 6.6kW compared to 23 or 24 of a regular panel, but if you think that means they will work out cheaper, think again!

Learn more about Solar Inverter brands >